Set Your Coordinates For Now And Continue To Remain Relevant. All The Tools You Need, Clarity, Guidance, And Community For Your  NEXT.  

Learn to evolve, expand and grow into your best life


Two Options To Choose From: 


Life RESET- On-Demand Course Life RESET Live Life Reset or Business Reset. Are you a good fit? Schedule a call


Gain insight, tools to take action, get clarity on your wins, strengths, gifts and NOW.  Set  your coordinates and explore your NEXT.  Take the On-Demand course with the BONUS at your convenience- OR- Join in a LIVE workshop. Both with BONUSES - You have options


Added BONUSES with this amazing opportunity.  Both Options have bundles including the Compass Course with workbook, video, assessment, prompts and pdfs, PLUS a Workshop bundle with resources and pdfs,  PLUS one year Membership and access to Community, a chat space on a private platform,  learnings, curated resources, and experts


Both options offer plenty of opportunity for you to explore and consider your NEXT with Events - informative or just for fun , Workshops, small groups connecting on a variety of topics, On-Demand learnings, curated resources and experts, access  on a private platform and mobile app

"I rarely take the time for myself to do things like this. I am so busy with my career and family...But I had wanted a change and haven't taken action on my own. I took this course and am glad I did. I am working towards my next and seeking a purposeful pursuit in this next chapter. It is time well spent. "

NEXT Chapter Mom

From Elizabeth

As the Founder of NEXT, I developed this course and workshop utilizing the tools and experience I have implemented for 30 years as an entrepreneur and mentor, expanding on design thinking to leverage change. I am sharing a proven process and valuable resource you can use to give yourself the steps, space, and framework to explore and create your NEXT and to navigate change for your Best Life NOW


Life Reset Course

Get the tools and flip the script on how you define and live your success now and going forward. Choose LIVE or On-Demand


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