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You know you are ready for your NEXT...But aren't sure what it is or where to start

That's OK - We've got you.

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Time For A Change? 

How We Manage Change Determines Our Success in

Life & Career 

When you do not have a strategy, resources and tools....

  • You settle


  • You stay stuck
  • You stop learning


  • You do not meet (or discover) your potential
  • You lose excitement for your life & work


  • You miss out on opportunities for success


You don’t have to avoid change, you can embrace it. Join NEXT Career & Life and get everything you need to manage change in your life now and moving forward. 

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 Everything You Need to Discover Your NEXT Career & Life -All For Just $199/year.

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Ready For Your NEXT Chapter?

You have been wanting to make a  change for a while. Reset or reinvent your career, uplevel your business, start a side gig, write a book, find a purpose- but aren't sure where to start.

 You've been thinking about it, talking with friends, searching online, and reading books.  But haven't made any progress. 
Connecting within a group is key to learn, share and create the change you are seeking.

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Strategy & Support

We don’t just give you the content and leave you to it. You’ll get strategy, outlines, course workbooks, and assessments to check your progress

Live Events, Groups and Chats

Each month NEXT experts host a dedicated Livestream- to inspire, coach on actions you can apply and support your  NEXT. Join in on the Lounge, amazing groups and chats offered on a private platform

Courses, Resources, Experts

Our ever-growing library of on-demand courses, workshops,  vetted resources, and a network of experts will take the mystery out of how to take your NEXT steps.

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 Everything You Need to Discover Your NEXT Career & Life -All For Just $199/year.

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Expand Your Options & Connect

Grab a cup or glass of whatever you choose and join us We will discuss #NotDoneYet and navigating our next. Strategy, creative ideas, guidance, and support. Each week a question and opportunity for each to discuss. The magic happens in the groups


The session is opening:

6 weekly one-hour meetings for a maximum of 10 people.

The Lounge is hosted by experts in specialized topics and sessions each quarter. Members get priority access.

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On-Demand Courses, Featured Events and Experts

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Live Events, Talks and Groups Monthly

Get tools, tips, guidance and inspiration from experts, coaches, authors, speakers and entrepreneurs.  

On this NEXT livestream, 'Books & Wine' Elizabeth Ribons will join this month's amazing author and Tedx speaker to discuss her book.  Q & A and a wine tasting.  Don't miss it - Click to find out more

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Lisa, 42

Consultant and Entrepreneur

"I wish I had known about NEXT Career & Life a few years ago when I was going through a life and career change...."

Jen A., 41

Entrepreneur with a full life

"The value of having not only resources but a person available to help me navigate into my NEXT....has been a worthwhile investment"

Catherine, 55

Entrepreneur Reinvented

"Leaving my former career and deciding to become a business owner, I sought out guidance and programs that helped me to learn the process ....Which has been very beneficial for my success."

Community, Experts, Strategy

Sharing our network, expertise, courses, tools, and resources 

For Your Best Life Now and Going Forward

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